Institut de la Maison Impériale d’Haïti

Faustin-Élie Soulouque (c. 1782–1867), born a slave in Haiti, participated in the revolt that expelled the French from his country in 1803. He was named president in 1847, proclaimed himself emperor in 1849, and ruled for ten years. The Institut de la Maison Impériale d’Haïti preserves his traditions of liberty and equality. The Institute does not have a political agenda.

The Institute is an international, non-political, non-denominational and independent non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in accordance with the European Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non-Governmental Organizations.


The Institute focusses on the sustainable economic prosperity of Haiti. We understand that awareness of Haiti’s history and culture is crucial in this respect. Developing creative leaders, who can think critically, is essential for the development of the country. The Institute consists of a group of people who understand that education, the rule of law and economic empowerment are key elements in fighting poverty.


The Institut de la Maison Impériale d’Haïti and its affiliates recognize the government of the Republic of Haiti to be the sole legitimate government of Haiti.

The Institute is a Swiss Verein, seated in Geneva, with United Nations Economic and Social Council consultative status pending. Recipients of honours are not members of the Verein and cannot represent the Verein.

The titles and honours of the Haitian Imperial House, its dynastic orders and awards, patents of nobility, and other elements of the historical and symbolic system of monarchical institutions no longer enjoy state recognition and bestow no privileges, but they remain nonetheless monuments of Haiti’s history and part of the cultural heritage of the nation.

The Institute will never ask for passage fees, contributions et cetera, in exchange for granting honours. It is self-financed and will not accept fees or donations.

The position of the current claimant can be displaced by an heir apparent or a new heir presumptive with a better claim to the position in question. However, the Institute has no knowledge of such a person, although research in this matter has been conducted. The Institute appreciates persons coming forward, who have a related claim.