Structure of the Orders

Imperial and Military Order of St Faustin

Commander with Star Set, 2nd Class, instituted in 1849. Neck Badge, 55 mm, silver gilt, French hallmark “boar’s head”, both sides enamelled, both central medallions silver gilt, enamelled, original Imperial Crown suspension device and neck ribbon. Breast Star, 75 mm, silver with smooth rays, French hallmark “boar’s head”, maker’s mark “Arthus-Bertrand, Paris”, central medallion silver partially gilt, enamelled, vertical tapered pin and two side hooks on reverse, in case of issue by “Arthus-Bertrand, Paris”. Beautiful and very rare set in best condition.

The imperial Orders traditionally have four classes:

Grand Cordon. The Grand Cordon of the Order was generally conferred upon Prime Ministers and Departmental Ministers, Parlia­mentary and High Court Presidents, Lieutenant Generals, Ad­mirals, Captains of Industry and others deserving of such recognition and honour.

Grand Officer. Ambassadors, Envoys, Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary, Captains of Industry, Parlia­mentary Vice-Presidents,  High Court Judges, Major-Generals, Vice Admirals, Rear Admirals and others deserving of such recognition and honour.

Commander. Consuls-General, members of the Parliament, Presidents and representatives of scientific institutions, Mayors, Appeal Court Judges, Commodores and others deserving of such recognition and honour.

Chevalier/Dame. Consuls, Attachés, First and Second Secretaries of Embassy, Lieutenant-Colonels, Captains, Com­manders, Lieutenant Commanders and others deserving of such recognition and honour.

The ranks of the Orders may further be conferred upon any person of any nationality or social strata, who has distinguished himself in the service of his country and/or to mankind and upon which proof has been established concerning the importance and utility of his efforts in the struggle for a moral and social restoration of those principles which correspond to the aims and ideals of the Order: promoting Liberté, égalité, fraternité. All Ranks have a Neck Insignia worn for men and on a Bow for ladies. Medals and Ribbons can be acquired from the Grand Chancellor’s office.